Saturday, November 2, 2013


"People either inspire you or drain you, pick them wisely." Hans F. Hansen

When I first got to college and was just starting to settle in I struggled finding people I enjoyed hanging out with. Sure I had people I could go out with but I wasn't sure these people appreciated me for who I was. I found it hard to hold conversation with them and felt that they were really critical of everything I did and said. I felt exhausted after spending time with them, like I had to put forth a bunch of effort just to exist within the group. Although I go to a "Christian" school I  struggled with finding people who weren't hypercritical and who were actually genuine. I was really unhappy with these new relationships and it made me really negative towards the whole college experience. I grew up in a church and since my mother was on staff I was really close to everyone who worked there. I was constantly reminded of how loved I was and was told that I was being prayed for regularly. Without the constant reassurance that I was cared for I felt really alone for about the whole first month. Eventually I started connecting with people I genuinely enjoyed being with. I can honestly say I have formed more meaningful relationships in my two short years of college then I had in the eighteen years prior.

Since then many relationships have formed as well as faded. Although it's been heartbreaking to undergo the loss of several friendships along the way I cant help but be so thankful for the friends who never left my side. People change. I know I have over the years. The girl you shared chocolate milk and made friendship bracelets with may not remain in your life long enough to be your maid of honor. Friendship is a two way commitment. Both parties should give equally. A friend should be there for you through the good and the bad. Friends should be there to lift you up not to put you down. Hang out with those who make you happy and you can relate to. Life is too short to be miserable by keeping company with those who aren't truly there for you. Refuse to let yourself settle. 

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